Public Benefit Mission

Kovo is a registered Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, and our specific public benefit purpose is to enhance inter-generational social and economic mobility for families.

We do this in three ways:
1. We design our products with a commitment to help you achieve your goals.
2. We don't offer products that can lead to chronic debt or financial ruin.
3. We set our prices in a manner that is transparent, without hidden fees or surprise charges.

What does "public benefit" mean?

The term "public benefit" refers to having a positive effect on people, communities, or public interests other than the company itself.

What is a public benefit corporation?

The "public benefit" designation is given to companies who intend to produce a public benefit and operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.

This means the company is managed in a manner that balances the company’s interests with the best interests of those most affected by the company's conduct and the company’s public benefit mission.